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Scrap metal prices are subject to change on a daily basis and are usually purchased by a price per kg or price per ton in the UK. Other countries pay per lbs, such as the U.S.

If you are looking for scrap metal prices in the UK, then you are at the right place. Wallace Reader & Son Ltd pay the BEST PRICES possible for scrap metal in and around the Burnley, Pendle and surrounding areas.

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We also have a scrap car collection service AND a skip collection service for local companies. This service is FREE locally and subject to quantity.

Readers, Burnley pay THE BEST scrap metal prices in and around  Burnley and  where possible will beat any genuine quote. Check out the AREAS COVERED <<<click here

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scrap metal prices below are A GUIDE ONLY and are just AVERAGE PRICES Based on the LME on the given day. Prices can fluctuate daily. Prices may be higher or lower than stated below so if you have large quantities of scrap please contact us:

Scrap Copper Prices:

Metal GroupMetal GradePrice Per TonDate Price UpdatedExamples
COPPERNo.2 Copper£2,80011th November 2016Copper piping with joints/fittings from central heating systems.
COPPERCopper Tanks/Cylinders£2,75011th November 2016Copper Tanks & Cylinders from central heating systems.
COPPERHeavy Copper£3,00011th November 2016copper piping painted no fittings/joints
COPPERNew Copper Tube£3,20011th November 2016New/Clean copper pipe, paint/solder/fitting/joint free!
COPPERDry Bright Wire £3,50011th November 2016From pvc wire or cables. no connections
COPPERGreasy Bright Wire£3,25011th November 2016From underground Cables, usually Lead armoured
COPPERLead Dipped Braziery (free of steel)£2,30011th November 2016From Combi boilers

Scrap Brass Prices:

Metal GroupMetal GradePrice Per TonDate Price UpdatedExamples
BRASSMixed Brass£2,15011th November 2016Ornaments, kitchen/bathroom Taps, door handles, plumbing fittings etc.
BRASSNew Brass£220011th November 2016new / clean production brass bar,
BRASSBrass Swarf/Borings£2,00011th November 2016usually from manufacturers of brass.
BRASSPhos.Bronze£2,40011th November 2016cogs/crown wheels, old pressure valves
BRASSGunMetal£2,40011th November 2016cogs/crown wheels, old pressure valves

Scrap Stainless Prices:

Metal TypeMetal GradePrice Per TonDate Price UpdatedExamples
STAINLESS STEEL18/8 - 304 Stainless£65011th November 2016Sinks, Kitchen Panelling, (some) cooking pans.
STAINLESS STEEL316 Stainless£75011th November 2016(some) Catering Equipment, food grade manufacturing plans
STAINLESS STEELStainless Turnings£55011th November 2016Stainless works Engineering waste.

Scrap Aluminium Prices:

Metal TypeMetal GradePrice Per TonDate Price UpdatesExamples
ALUMINIUMOld Rolled Aluminium£65011th November 2016Ladders, Pans, Signs, carpet grips, window frames, etc.
ALUMINIUMCast Aluminium£75011th November 2016Outdoor furniture, (clean) Motor Parts
ALUMINIUMIrony Aluminium£25011th November 2016Gearboxes, motor parts, engines with aluminium block
ALUMINIUMAluminium Radiators£35011th November 2016vehicle radiators
ALUMINIUMCopper/Aluminium Radiators£1,35011th November 2016air conditioning units
ALUMINIUMPure Aluminium Cutts£65011th November 2016Manufacturers sheet aluminium. production cuttings
ALUMINIUMAlloy Wheels£90011th November 2016Cars / Vehicles

Scrap Lead Prices:

Metal TypeMetal GradePrice Per TonDate Price UpdatedExamples
LEADLead£1,10011th November 2016Roofing lead, lead pipe, fishing weights,
LEADLead-Acid Batteries£52011th November 2016Car/wagon/leisure batteries. MUST BE LEAD ACID BATTERIES

Scrap Cable Prices:

Metal TypeMetal GradePrice Per TonDate Price UpdatedExamples
CABLESPvc Wire/Household Cable (No plugs)£1,10011th November 2016household appliances
CABLESLowgrade Cables£65011th November 2016lowgrade armoured cable, 3 phase cable
CABLES#1 Armoured Cable£700 - £1200 (on val)11th November 2016underground / overhead cables 3-4 core from 20mm each core
CABLESLead Armoured Cables£600 - £1000 (on val)11th November 2016High Voltage Cables
CABLESPVC Single Cables£800 - £1500 (on val)11th November 2016Earth Cables, High Voltage Cables

Scrap Steel Prices:

Metal TypeMetal GradePrice Per TonDate Price UpdatedExamples
STEEL/FERROUS METALSNo.1 Steel£10511th November 2016Short, heavy steel, tools, box section, Shelving
STEEL/FERROUS METALSLight Iron - No.6£5511th November 2016White goods, (washers, dryers, cookers etc) vehicles
STEEL/FERROUS METALSPlate & Girders£11511th November 2016under 5ft
STEEL/FERROUS METALSCast Iron£10011th November 2016Cast guttering / piping, car brake discs
STEEL/FERROUS METALSNew production Cuttings£11511th November 2016Factory waste. new cuttings, Welder / fabricators waste.
STEEL/FERROUS METALSCars / Vehicles£6011th November 2016Complete Vehicles.
STEEL/FERROUS METALSSteel Turnings / Swarf£5511th November 2016Factory Waste.



Scrap car prices:

Scrap car prices are calculated by weight of the vehicle. Prices can change as often as daily but the price we say on the day is the price we pay. For more information on scrap car prices you can find out more on or website dedicated to scrapping cars here:

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