Scrap Bright Wire at Wallace Reader & Son.


Our yard has been dealing with scrap Bright Wire for over 75 years, with the purpose built Machinery on site to cope with all sizes of scrap Bright Wire.

Our brand new 2013 Terex FUCHS MHL340 is one of the worlds leading scrap Bright Wire handlers purchased in March 2013 to help us handle your scrap Bright Wire in bulk.

With our machinery on site, We can ensure our Burnley scrapyard can handle all quantities of Bright Wire for recycling and have the room to cope.

“Big enough to cope…

…Small enough to care!”

What is scrap Bright Wire?

You may be wondering what scrap Bright Wire is and what we take… Well, basically ANY Bright Wire that need recycling because it’s no longer fit for reuse… With recycling ALL KINDS of metal it doesn’t matter what grade or material you have.

Scrap Bright Wire is the most expensive (common) form of copper on the market. It is only found by stripping cable. Electro copper and buzz bar is a similar price to bright wire, and all these are commonly collected by electricians electricians deal with Bright Wire on a daily basis and  cables are often stripped for the bright wire inside. This is  grade of Bright Wire has one of the highest scrap values.

Scrap Bright Wire Prices:

Prices of scrap Bright Wire can fluctuate on a daily basis. (See below for a GUIDE ONLY. Accurate prices can be obtained by Emailing us at or by calling our scrapyard in Burnley on (01282)421146

Metal GroupMetal GradePrice Per TonDate Price UpdatedExamples
COPPERNo.2 Copper£2,80011th November 2016Copper piping with joints/fittings from central heating systems.
COPPERCopper Tanks/Cylinders£2,75011th November 2016Copper Tanks & Cylinders from central heating systems.
COPPERHeavy Copper£3,00011th November 2016copper piping painted no fittings/joints
COPPERNew Copper Tube£3,20011th November 2016New/Clean copper pipe, paint/solder/fitting/joint free!
COPPERDry Bright Wire £3,50011th November 2016From pvc wire or cables. no connections
COPPERGreasy Bright Wire£3,25011th November 2016From underground Cables, usually Lead armoured
COPPERLead Dipped Braziery (free of steel)£2,30011th November 2016From Combi boilers


Scrap Bright Wire Collection:

Wallace Reader & Son Ltd can arrange free collection for your scrap Bright Wire TODAY! We can collect your Bright Wire for recycling at any time of the day between 8:30am and 5pm. We can either drop off a skip for a skip collection OR arrange on of our scrap collectors to collect it for you.

Whichever you decide to choose, We can accommodate and make recycling your scrap metal as easy as possible for you.